Here's our special thanks to all our supporters: every 10-Pack sells for $5 and every Variety Box for $20 including 1 x 10-Pack of each style. Give back with GIVEBAGS and make this Holiday one to remember! Each single bag buys a meal for someone who would otherwise go without!



GIVEBAGS are no ordinary lunch bags. With every single bag sold, we pledge to donate one meal to someone who would otherwise go without. With the help of Feeding America we make sure that the meals are distributed equally across our nations food banks. 1 in 8 Americans is suffering from hunger. That's more than 42 million people in the United States. We live in the land of opportunity and we believe that everybody deserves a chance to help and to receive help. Join us on our mission and let's make a difference!


When Flo and Becca embarked on their honeymoon, they took a road trip across America. That's when they noticed the many homeless people struggling to get by every day. Born and raised in Europe they weren't used to seeing so much inequality. Not only homeless people are suffering from hunger. Many families and even students go to bed hungry. The two decided to make America their new home and they were on to a mission:

They wanted to create an everyday product that is made in the USA, affordable and at the same time contributes to the fight against hunger. This is how they came up with the idea of GIVEBAGS.